Ratan Tata Wiki (The Story Of Failures & Struggles)

Ratan Tata Wiki (The Story Of Failures & Struggles): In the present situation, no one in India doesn’t know the Tata group. Because of this company give the first priority to some values other than money, business, etc. This great company is maintained by a great but simple person “Ratan Tata”.

Ratan Tata Wiki

Ratan Tata was born in one of the richest family in Mumbai on December 28, 1937. After some time his parents got divorced and from that time he was raised by his grandmother  Lady Navajbai in a Tata Hotel. He did his graduation in Cornell University. After he pursued a management course from Harvard University.

He got a job at IBM at that time of completion of the management course. But he came to India in 1962 and joined the Tata steel plant. He is doing well so his grandfather decided to make the Ratan Tata as the chairman of Tata Grup.

All the board members simply laughed at him, and many discouraged him. But he took the charge as the chairman of Tata Group. He is kind and honest at work. With his efforts, Tata Group was valued from 10k million dollars 14.2 billion dollars.

The people who laughed at him just kept quiet while seeing his success.

Failure Of Ratan Tata

On 30 December 1998, Tata Motors introduced Tata Indica due to some reasons that car was not sold in the market then the company had a small loss then Ratan Tata decided to sell that Indica car Company to another company then they decided to sell to a top car company manufacture “Ford”. Then the Tata team attended a meeting about the Indica but the owner of ford company shamed Mr Ratan Tata. Then Ratan Tata simply came to India without even discussing the deal.

Note: After Sometime The Indica company Retain It’s Profits As usual.

Silent Revenge Against The Failure

After few years the Ford company manufactured luxury cars Jaguar and Land Rover. Those companies have flopped then the Ratan Tata called the Ford company that he wants to buy those two companies. Then the ford team came to India to sell their two companies Jaguar and Land Rover to Tata Group.

After the two companies(Jaguar and Land Rover) gain their profits

The person who shamed, directly he came to Ratan Tata to sell the car this is the silent revenge against failure.

Ratan Tata’s Dream Car “Tata Nano”

One day Ratan tata is going in a car during Raining. At that time he saw a family of 4 people on a scooter in rain he felt for that. And he wishes to manufacture a car that is affordable even for a middle-class person. Then he called engineers to manufacture a car within a cost of 1 lakh rupees. But sadly they all said that is not possible to manufacture a car whose budget is 1 lakh. But he did not lose hope on it. After a few days, he manufactured a model car that is called “Tata Nano” which cost is just 1 lakh. Even the company is getting loses due to that model he still made available that car in the market because that car is his dream car.

Problems Faced By Ratan Tata While In Achieving His Dream Car

Manufacturing a car with the cost of 1 Lakh rupees is not just an easy task, it is nearly impossible. All laughed at him when he told that idea and engineers are also told that is not possible. But with his vision, he worked hard and made his dream as come true.

Due to people against the movement, the Tata Nano car manufacturing unit which is almost built completely in West Bengal is closed and moved from West Bengal to Gujarat. At that time of moving the plant, Ratan Tata faced many difficulties but at last, he succeeded.


Never down your courage, confidence in any situation because in any failure there is a small mistake just we need to correct it. As in this story of Ratan Tata faced a number of problems but he moved forward with confidence.

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