5 Profit making business ideas in india under 20,000 INR

5 Business Ideas

Do you want you to start out your own business? Searching the simplest business ideas but, no money to invest? Here, we’ve come up with the 5 best business ideas in India with low investment.

Entrepreneurship may be a popular term lately . It’s become a thing for fresh college graduates, who are planning or within the process to start out their own business. People mainly believe that to start out any business, you would like an enormous amount of cash . But the very fact is that starting and running a business is all about, skills, hard work, and dedication. And, that’s why you’ll take the inspiration of a successful business together with your small saving like Rs. 20,000. during this article, you’ll get a quick overview of 5 business idea, just undergo it.

Paper Bags :

Eco-friendly bags and packaging made up of paper became popular as people realise just how harmful non-biodegradable plastic bags are to the environment. Paper bags are often wont to pack shopping items, food items, medical items, jewellery, and more.

Paper bag making are often started small scale with low investment. Automatic paper bag-making machines start at around Rs 5 lakh and have an excellent capacity – around a couple of thousand units per hour. Semi-automatic machines also are available under Rs 3 lakh, but they involve more manual work and labour.

Entrepreneurs also got to invest in sourcing raw materials like paper sheets, ink, printing chemicals, tags, etc.

Tempered glass for smartphones :

India’s smartphone market is growing despite the worldwide market shrinking. The Indian market saw a shipment of 32 million units in Q1 2019, consistent with International Data Corporation (IDC).

Smartphone accessories like tempered glass also are in big demand. These are made in heat machines where glass is heated then rapidly cooled. The tempered glass also has got to pass hardness tests, breaking tests, and dimension checks. The tempered glass also contains silicon, additional protection, and glue. The glue, which ensures the tempered glass sticks to the smartphone screen, is an important component of producing .

Simple and low capacity tempered glass manufacturing machines and equipment cost nearby Rs 75,000

and the extended capacity ones cost over Rs 1.5 lakh.

Disposable plates and Cups :

Disposable type food plates and cups are being used extensively in India while any events, functions, etc.
They’re also used on an outsized scale by street vendors and hawkers.

As they’re widely used and are inexpensive to form for an extended time, the market has matured.

they’re usually made from paper, which has emerged as an alternate to plastic, steel, glass, etc.

To make paper plates and cups, paper are often acquired from local scrap shops at low rates. the main a part of the investment goes into acquiring disposable plate-making machines. They cost over Rs 50,000,
counting on their capacity.

Handmade chocolates :

When it involves chocolate consumption, India is on top of the chart. Be it sweet or bitter, chocolate may be a mood lifter and stress buster. consistent with Mintel, sales of chocolate confectionery in retail markets grew by 13 percent between 2015 and 2016 in India. Therefore, if you would like to start out your business and don’t have a thought , manufacturing chocolate are often a lucrative opportunity.

You need to develop a line to start out off. An approximate capital of Rs 40,000-Rs 50,000 are going to be required to get raw materials and packaging.

5 Profit making business ideas in india under 20,000 INR 1
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However, if you would like to deploy a bit of machinery for a bigger production scale, the value may get up to Rs 2 lakh-Rs 3 lakh. Your volume production are going to be easier with mixing, cooking, and cooling equipment. Select the sort of kit to suit the size of your operation.

Handmade candles :

Candles are always in demand, which is what makes this a particularly popular business option. the normal demand for candles comes from religious and decoration purposes. During festivals, the demand is extremely high. Otherwise too, lately the demand for scented and therapeutic candles is additionally on the increase with many restaurants, households, and hotels using them to make an ambience.

The candle-making business are often initiated from home with low investment of roughly Rs 20,000-Rs 30,000.

The raw materials wont to start the business include wax, wick, moulds, thread, aroma oils, and more.

Apart from the main raw materials, you furthermore may got to have some candle-making equipment.

This includes a melting pot, thermometer, pour pot, weighing scale, hammer, and an oven (to melt wax).

Those money making business ideas in India with low investment are currently in high demand to fulfil the customers needs in the market.

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